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Помогите хоть кто-нибудь!!! Present Indefinite or Present Continuous Use the verbs given in brackets in proper tenses. 1. Tom usually (play) football but today he (play) tennis. 2. What language they (speak) in Holland? What language he (speak) now? 3. The professor (speak) five foreign languages. Right now he (speak) Dutch. 4. My friend always (tell) me the truth, but I see that she (tell) a lie now. 5. I usually (drive) to my work. Be careful! You (drive) too fast. 6. She, as a rule, (wear) smart hats. But today she (wear) a funny-looking one. 7. I (do) a lot of work every day. Don`t worry! I (know) what I (do). 8. Every Sunday he (watch) birds in the forest. Be quiet, the photographer (watch) that bird. He (want) to take a picture. 9. You (eat) fruit every day? What`s the name of the fruit you (eat) with such pleasure? 10. She (love) French perfume but I can`t guess what perfume she (wear) tonight. 11. She (not understand) what the teacher (explain) now. 12. She (say) she (love) him very much now. 13. I (not recognize) the man who (give) a talk. 14. You usually (not drink) coffee at this time? What is that you (drink) now? 15. I (hear) Nick (want) to know where you (live) now. 16. I (feel) he (have) a lot of problems with his elder son at the moment. 17. I generally (feel) well in summer but right now I (feel) miserable. 18. Paul (feel) that his uncle John (notice) all his faults. 19. Frieda (hate) it when it (rain) outdoors. 20. We (think) they (try) to make up quarrel. 21. The night-show (open) at 10.30 this evening. 22. It`s a national holiday today. The bank (work)? 23. Nelly, why you (hurry) so much? – My plane (leave) at 7.45.